I’m a french illustrator and designer based in Paris. I’ve been studying Art Direction for 5 years in E-artsup Paris and i worked for several companies in luxury and editorial fields such as France Soir, Monsieur Magazine and Le Bon Marché. I also worked as a junior art director in the small illustration agency Balibart. My inspirations come from art déco, comic-strip and pop art movements. Since 2017, I do illustration with Orchid Agency for Google, Snapchat, Android, Coca-Cola Group, Moët Hennessy.




Google, Snapchat, Youtube
Le Bon Marché, Moët-Hennessy,
France Soir, Balibart, Kronenbourg,
Monsieur Magazine, Marie Martens,
Institut du Monde Arabe, BDvore,
Centre Primo Levi, Play Bac Presse,
Dreams Magazine, Montres Magazine,
Revue Reflets, Journal 9ème Art,
AACC, Felix App, Errratum




Neon Magazine, Le Parisien,
From Up North, Abduzeedo N°1,
Abduzeedo N°2, Abduzeedo N°3,
Creative review, The Art Hunter N°1,
The Art Hunter N°2, The Art Hunter N°3,
The Art Hunter N°4, The Art Hunter N°5,
Le Républicain de l’Essonne, Radio Horizon,
Radio Sensations, Graffink




21 Mai – 10 Juin 2016
Médiathèque de l’Echo, Kremlin-Bicêtre.
12 Octobre – 8 Novembre 2013
Médiathèque de l’Echo, Kremlin-Bicêtre.
5 – 6 Novembre 2010
Festival Bédémania, Fribourg, Suisse.
20 – 21 Mars 2010
Salon des Arts, Arpajon, France.